Fountain Valley, California

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Montréal, Canada


Drawing from a background that encompasses tattoo, music, theatre, performance art and design, Fn Vegas has channelled her rich experience into a full-time career in visual art, guided by an interest in the feminine as a mystical icon of culture and the gateway to taboo.

More recently, a stay in India and recurring excursions to Burning Man have broadened her interests into the exploration of visionary themes, and has brought her work to be displayed alongside that of Alex Grey and H.R. Giger. Vegas has also collaborated with Turkish multimedia artist Mercan Dede. 

Her art has been exhibited and showcased in Canada, the United States and Mexico.


2015 - Audience Choice Award - Alt Art & Design 

2015 - Audience Choice Award - Festival Mtl en Arts

2017 - Audience Choice Award - Festival Mtl en Arts

2019 - Audience Choice Award - Festival Mtl en Arts


2013 - "Monstra" Decover magazine

2014 - 106U Magazine

2014 -  Revue Clair Obscur - October issue.

2015 -  "Pillars .III. The Ebon Kteis" Anathema Publishing.

2015 -  Von Gutenberg magazine - Issue 9

2016 - "Pillars - Perichoresis" Anathema Publishing.


The Shadowood Collective

Canadian Society for Arts of Imagination

Canadian Alternative Arts Collective


2016 - Residential Experience of Cultural Secrets in Mayurbhanj, India

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