For as long as I remember, I have been in awe of animals. Whether fur, feathers or scales, I have a deep admiration for the way they move and interact with their world. This connection was deepened during my 2016 trip to India which immediately became reflected in my body of work, with these fascinating creatures insisting themselves onto my canvas.


I began the project Art For Charity in early 2017 as an initiative to somehow give back to these beautiful beings. As a proud mom of two furry kids you can regularly see on my Instagram, I decided to start with a cause that is close to my heart.


I am currently working with The Brussels Rescue Auction and Wag n’ Train Terrier Rescue for whom I provide custom paintings for auction. Proceeds from these sales are used to save dogs from puppy mills and help with the high cost of medical bills. The project is still in its infancy, but I am happy to say that every piece you see here has made a difference.


Due to the popularity of this initiative, I have also begun offer custom animal paintings with 50% of the sales figure going to a local charity of your choice.


If you would like to commission a painting, suggest an animal rescue project or get more information, please contact me.

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